Mthunzi is Pastor, singer, songwriter, producer and born again father of two daughters. Married for seventeen years, this man of God has been at the forefront of the introduction of Contemporary Gospel Music in South Africa.Mthunzi graduated with a Degree in Music and a diploma in Education.

After having taught at College for couple of years, Mthunzi joined the South African Broadcasting Corporation. He stayed with them for two years.

He thereafter joined Lindelani at Sony Music South Africa as A and R manager and producer. He is responsible for the production of many of Sony s best artists including Hugh Masekela and Joyous Celebration.

It is him who established firmly the contemporary Gospel sound in South Africa. Mthunzi a founding member and co director of Joyous Celebration has finally succumbed to his calling and established a Church in Durban KZN.Those who have followed his music career especially on Joyous platform and his own solo album were not surprised by this move. He s always was the preacher musician.