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The Joyous Concept has always been enigmatic to a lot of people because of its format. We have been referred to as a Gospel Choir. We prefer to be referred as a Gospel Project, because the crew changes every two years


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About Joyous Records

Joyous Records is part of the ever-acclaimed award winning Joyous Celebration. The label was established in 2007 to offer musicians from the bigger Joyous Celebration family the opportunity to record their solo albums. This platform has proven to be an effective “in-house” vehicle for the vast pool of talent that is found in Joyous Celebration to launch themselves into the music industry.

Sabatha Masoka was the first artist to be released by the label with an album entitled “Umqamlezo” in 2007.The second artist to be signed by the label was Nobathembu Mabheka with her album ‘Khangelani’. She later released her second album calledto much acclaim and helped to establish her as a Gospel powerhouse.

In 2009 Joyous Records offered music lovers an exciting and refreshing new group called “Dominion”. This 8 member (all from Joyous Celebration) has redefined the contemporarily Gospel space with their funky and cutting edge rendition of gospel that has gained much appeal more to younger audience without leaving the older audiences out.

Their 1st album ‘I’ll Run To Him’ was nominated for ‘Best Contemporary Album” and won, ‘BEST MUSIC VIDEO” at the “Crown Awards”, the Premier South African Gospel Music Award.

Their 2nd album, UJehova Ukhona’ was recorded live and will be released with a DVD at the end of September 2012.

The end of September 2012 will see yet another Joyous Record release in the name of Patrick Duncan. His first release with Joyous Records a year ago was called, ‘Worship In Color’ .It won the category of ‘Best Contemporary Album’, in 2010 South AFRICAN Music Awards (SAMA’s) and also won the ‘Artist of The Year Southern Africa’ from AGMA (a London based African Gospel Music Award event).

The latest addition to the Joyous Records Family is Brenda Mtambo.His soon to be released album “iNspired” is definitely going to find a comfortable place in the hearts of music lovers not only in South Africa but world wide. This is not a Gospel album. She therefore is the first non-Gospel artist from the Joyous Records label. Although she comes from the bigger Joyous Celebration family and is one of the most experienced singers, she has proven to be a songwriter and performer that transcends genres. Having had her tenure at the Joyous stage, spanning more than 5 years, Brenda’s album will display the vast musical knowledge she has gained.

Joyous records boasts in house songwriters and producers who also are involved in the bigger Joyous Celebration Productions. Under the watchful eyes of the three Founders and directors of the Joyous brand, Joyous Records is positioned as a Gospel Music powerhouse and is destined to play a big role in shaping the musical landscape not only of South Africa but of the whole world.